Iowa Equine Rescue & Awareness League
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Our Vision... "To ensure that all equine in Iowa live in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment"

 Please see for our adoption process or
contact SUE at or call 319-265-7412

IERAL is an Animal Welfare Organization who has served all 99 counties in IOWA for the past 9 years!

Here are two very sad cases of long term neglect!  These mare/ponies are 17&18 years old and had never been off their farm for all of those years. The Palomino/Jazzy and the Bay/Rosie were a mess when we got there, and the owner had been reported to local law enforcement for neglect and he had no idea what to do with these girls. IERAL was contacted my law enforcement asking if we could help.  Generally, IERAL works only with law enforcement when the person is going to be charged with neglect/abuse. In this case, the deputy asked if the owner would voluntarily surrender them over to IERAL if we would take them into our program and give them the much care they deserved.  IERAL receives calls WEEKLY of people who can no longer care for their horses for one reason or the another. Generally, we coach them on the humane thing to do with unwanted horses. Euthanasia is always brought to their attention verses them trying to just dump horses to someone else.  Please follow these two lucky girls on our facebook page and donations are greatly appreciated with the rehabilitation of these mares.  Iowa Equine is our facebook page and you can donate via our pay pal account listed below or sending a check to IERAL PO BOX 8726 Cedar Rapids, IA 52408


IERAL is NOW on Facebook! Iowa Equine is the name, hope to see you soon!

IERAL has Served ALL
99 counties in Iowa!
PO Box 8726
Cedar Rapids, IA 52408

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