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Our Vision... "To ensure that all equine in Iowa live in a safe, healthy and nurturing environment"

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IERAL is an Animal Welfare Organization who has served all 99 counties in IOWA
for the past 13 years!


IERAL has Served ALL 99 counties in Iowa!

IERAL is a sustainable horse rescue, with 13 years+ of service...

Our  primary mission during this time has been to ensure that all equines in  our state live in a safe, healthy, nurturing environment.  During this  decade of service, IERAL’s all-volunteer organization has assisted over  one thousand horses in all 99 counties in Iowa. This includes working  with law enforcement authorities to assume the care of animals  confiscated in abuse, abandonment or neglect cases, as well as  instructing authorities statewide in best practices during abuse or  neglect investigations. We also work with animal shelters and the  general public to increase awareness of sound animal husbandry and all  aspects of appropriate equine care in Iowa. We’re proud to note that we  have been successful in finding forever homes for the majority of horses  we have rehabilitated and cared for during the past decade and we look  forward to continuing IERAL’s important work helping Iowa’s equines in  the coming years.

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Iowa Equine Rescue & Awareness League

PO Box 8726, Cedar Rapids, IA 52408, US

(319) 560-0347