IERAL is certified in equine investigation and safe equine rescue practices with the State Of Iowa. We partner with Iowa  Law Enforcement Academy to offer certification for law enforcement when  dealing with equine neglect/abuse. IERAL was the grassroots of making  sure law enforcement understood what it takes to have a successful  investigation within equine neglect/abuse. IERAL is the "Animal Care Provider" relating to Iowa Code 717, in times when equines need to be seized by Law Enforcement. 

  “Several Counties would not touch horse  neglect/abuse cases, for the fact that no one knew what to do with the  horses if they needed to be seized. IERAL has filled that void, by  offering their expertise and rehabilitation of horses. This allows our  county, along with many others, that horses will have the help they need  to survive in Iowa” John, BC Deputy (retired)  


There are over 200,000
equines in Iowa. 

IERAL  has been involved with 99 counties in Iowa to educate and bring  awareness of equine neglect/abuse, and dealing with Iowa Code 717.