Horses  are such a wonderful part of our lives and when we have to say good  bye, it's NEVER easy. Most of us have lost a great 4 legged companion in  our life and this page is dedicated to those animals that have touched  our lives and have moved on to "Greener Pastures".

God forbid that I should go to any heaven where there are no horses. R.B.Cunningham-Graham 

If you would like IERAL to add your "In Memory of" please send your stories and photos to  If you would like to make a donation to one of these beloved lost friend see our pay pal account below. 

 "A Horse's Prayer"

Feed  me, water me and care for me. And when my day's work is done, provide  me with shelter, a clean, dry bed, and a stall wide enough for me to lie  down in comfort. 

Talk to me. Your voice often means as much to me as the reins. 

Pet me sometimes, that I may serve you the more gladly and learn to love you.

Do not jerk the reins and do not whip me when going uphill.

Never strike, beat or kick me when I do not understand what you mean, but give me a chance to understand.

Watch  me, and if I fail to your bidding, see if something is wrong with my  tack or feet. Examine my teeth when I do not eat. I may have an  ulcerated tooth that is very painful.

Do not tie my head in an unnatural position, or take away my best defense against flies by cutting off my tail.

Don't  smoke in my barn or leave me tied up overnight and perhaps burn me to  death while you are sleeping in your comfortable bed.

And  last, my master/friend: When my strength is gone, do not turn me out in  a pasture with no shelter and let me freeze to death, or sell me to  some cruel owner to be slowly starved or worked to death, but take my  life in the kindest way and your God will reward you ~~ hereafter.


IERAL's beloved 'Granny" who passed a few years back. She was 30+ years  young, and were the "eyes" for our blind mare "Mae". She past peacefully  and was a wonderful rescue horse.

Donations to IERAL Rescued horses In Memory Of or In Honor Of...
July 2018  in memory of Mona Majorowicz Artist commissioned by IERAL for portrait of Colton/Carol Perrett.
2017 In memory of Rita C. Wall, from CR Pride Fest/ Jen Rowray..
June 2017 In memory of Lynne Weber of Muscatine, IA. She passed  away on May 27th of thyroid cancer. Her daughter Megan (married to Tim  son of Elizabeth Messick, a donation in her honor to horse rescue.  Signed.. Keith & Elizabeth Messick, Tyler & Debby Michael &  Family, Joshua & Susan Wolfe, Ernest & Norma Pegelow, and Betty  Messick.
May 2017 "For Treasure, a constant companion to his partner Ashley. May his memory continue to serve as a source of strength"

September 2016 Donation made by Jean Walker in memory of Ronnye Wieland's horse POCO

March 2016  Donation made by Deborah B Graham in memory of her uncle, Gene Eastman.

February 2016  Donation made by Karen Schmidt in memory of her  father, Victor H. Kueker. "He taught us to respect and care for our  ponies, quarter horses, and Belgians".
December 2015 Donation made by Chad Gent on behalf of Phil & Pat Gent, Monmouth, IA!
Donation made by Patrick Dorrian Jr, in Honor of Brianna Adams!
December 2014 in memory of "Copper" 36 1/2 years young! She had a great life with Ronnye Wieland and was loved and Ronnye considered Copper her soul mate! 


October 2014 in memory of "Delaney"  beloved equestrian of Andra Dill. He was a great horse that has so many  challenges throughout his life. Andra took such great care of Delaney  and now he is up running around with him mother Dakota!

September 2014 in memory of "Boston & Dodger" beloved equestrians of Carol and Glen B ender.

February 2014 in memory of "Mylo" (1989-2014) beloved  equestrian jumper of Kim M. (who at one time was an Olympic hopeful).  May you jump until your heart desires with all of those loved equines in  the sky!

July 2013 in memory of "Dakota" she was a loved appaloosa  mare who touched many lives during her time here. She had that  "Attitude" at times when her mount didn't need an attitude. RIP Dakota,  Diana and Andra will miss you!

March 2013 in memory of "Trixy" she  was a spunky little pony who Dr. Jennifer Doll, Kirsten, and Torben  gave her the forever home she deserved. She even fought off those crazy  llamas! RIP Trixy.

February 2013 in memory Rijn gave "Jup" an  abundance of love & respect, in return he gave her the courage to do  what he most loved...ground poles and ultimately that jump. It was the  ultimate connection that they shared...he gave to her and she gave to  him...courage and love.

August 2012 in memory of "Dollar/Matsel" he was a wonderful horse that brought so much joy
to Tony and Susans lives. You touched so many lives just in the short time on this earth!

November 2011 in memory of "Sunny" what a great pony who helped a little girl learn and love horses! You lived a very long life Sunny of 38+ years!

January 2011 in memory of "Bert" a mini stallion dumped  near Matsell Bridge Park in fall of 2010. Bert taught us that no matter  what size of a horse, the heart is as big as they come! We will miss  you Bert!

Winter 2010 in memory of "ACE" loved by Laurie & Julie. "He made us smile daily and lived to be 24 years!"

September 2010 in memory of "LACY" loved by Sara and Barbara and they donated left over equine Senior and much more to IERAL in her memory / Oxford, IA.

May 2010 In memory of  "OTTO JOHNSON," friend of the family/Swisher Iowa.