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IERAL has had much success in Adoptions over the nine years of the organization.  Most of our success has come from  with referencing zip code 52408 or IA163. Our up-to-date list of our  available horses are listed there, check it out today!  We are very  proud that we have an 85% adoptoin ratio, which has dropped over the  past few years, due to economy and the horse market in general.  Our  adoption committee reviews and checks all reference before a visit to  our horses are allowed.  We keep our adoption/donation low $150-$200 so  YOU can put your money towards training or any other needs of the horse  you offer a forever home to.  Our horses come with up-to-date shots,  feet and teeth are trimmed, and Coggins will be pulled if necessary.

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IERAL Adoption Application 2019 (pdf)


IERAL Adoption Agree 8.5x14 2019 (pdf)